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Posted on 27/06/2013 in News

Thursday v Cronkbourne '"B". Blincoe Cup, based on the rain that has fallen, will fall and is forecast to fall this evening albeit for lighter showery stuff later on.

Will send Text messages too you all as well.

Have spoken with Simon Beard of Cronkbourne CC (who is looking after their B team at the moment) - and subject to logistics (KWC & IOMCA etc etc) going to aim for a re-arranged game next Thursday (Semi-finals scheduled for a week Sunday). Richard 'Dolmio' Jackson is back shortly and as Captain he will need to confirm all of this.

There is already a game v Ramsey B scheduled for Wednesday as a head's up re: fixtures - so it may be helpful to let the Dolmio one know your availability.

The scheduled Team Sheet for this evening:-

1. Gayan Dissanayake
2. Jackson Paul Psy Baba Jai Kishan
3. Dan Laughlin Dan Laughlin
4. Jack Newbery
5. Richard Corke
6. Ian Blackhurst
7. Greg Tomlinson
8. Brendan Coleman
9. Pat Patrick Moorcroft
10. Seb Aycock
11. Tom Tom Mushy Kennaugh