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End to End Mountain Bike request for Marshall; we have assisted in the past.

Posted on 27/08/2013 in News

Either contact Jay or David Kenworthy.

To Castletown Cricket Club,

As in previous years your club has supported the End to End mountain Bike event by providing 9 adults to Marshall the Howe area in return for a donation of £50 per adult. The End to End committee would like to ask your club to support the event again this year.

The event is on Sunday the 8th of September and your attendance is needed from 12:30 until 17:00.

On the evening of the 5th of September there is a meeting for 1 marshal from each group/club. At the meeting we will go over what is required on the day and hand out high visibility jackets. The time and location is to be confirmed.

Sorry for the late notice. If you are able to marshal then please get back in touch with me on the below number or reply to this email.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you,

Jay Thompson

End to End Committee