Welcome to Castletown Cricket Club

We compete in the Isle of Man Premier league, and have successful A, B and C teams. For the Juniors we have Under 15, Under 12 and Under 9 age groups.

We welcome players of all levels and ages and can guarantee a friendly environment and competitive cricket. We have had International Test cricketers represent CCC, with a 15 year old and 50 year old playing in the same team.

CCC Practices  take place at Castle Rushen School on Thursday nights, 6pm-7pm for Juniors and 7pm-8.30pm for Adults

If you are interested in playing for CCC, please contact us.

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  • Presidents Day Winners 2012

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July 2014

Date Opposition Type Venue
22nd Peel Cain Mullen-e-Cloie
27th Valkyres Karran Tromode
29th Valkyres Cain Tromode

August 2014

Date Opposition Type Venue
2nd Peel Karran Mullen-e-Cloie
10th tbc Presidents Day tbc
16th Tinker Final Tinker Cup tbc
17th Tinker Final Reserve Tinker Cup tbc

July 2014

Date Opposition Type Venue
27th Blincoe Final Reserve Blincoe Cup tbc
28th Union Mills Forrester 1 KWC
31st Crosby Forrester 1 KWC

August 2014

Date Opposition Type Venue
4th Peel Forrester 1 Mullen-e-Cloie
11th Cronkbourne Forrester 1 Tromode

July 2014

Date Opposition Type Venue
23rd Cronkbourne Forrester 2 Tromode

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Presidents Day Winners 2012
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